Zero Velocity Valve

Industrial / General Purpose Valve

ZERO VELOCITY VALVE also called a Water Hammer Arrester. The principle behind the design of this valve is to arrest the forward moving water column at zero movement i.e., when its velocity is zero and before any return velocity is established.

A Zero Velocity Valve consists of a spring-loaded closing disc for stopping reverse flow in case of failure of pumps. It is enclosed in an outer shell. As the forward velocity of water reduces to near zero, the springs close the disc on the seat and breaks the returning water column to prevent positive pressure surge. It is provided with a Bypass valve arrangement which allows required water to flow upstream to fill the vacuum arising due to closure of the valve.

The Zero Velocity valve breaks the energy of the returning water column by stopping it just before returning, i.e., when its forward velocity reduces to near Zero on tripping of the pump and prevents it from returning. It can be installed in a remote location because of its self-actuating feature. It is available in Barrel end, Flanged end and Extended Barrel end design for installation with all types of pipes.

Zero velocity vales are available in a range of sizes: 50 to 1200mm, Pressure Ratings: PN 10, PN 16 & PN 25.

The main advantages of Zero Velocity Valves are:

  1. Controlled closing characteristics
  2. Low head loss due to streamlined design.

Operation: Automatic.

Valve Sizes: 200NB – 2400NB

Valve Rating – PN10 /PN16 / PN20 / PN25 / PN40

Valve Manufacturing Standards – Internal VENUS.