Sluice Valve

Industrial / General Purpose Valve

Gate Valves are by far the most widely used in industrial piping. That’s because most valves are needed as stop valves – to fully shut off or fully turn on flow – the only job for which gate valves are recommended.

Gate Valves are inherently suited for wide-open service. Flow moves in a straight line, and practically without resistance when the disc/wedge is fully raised.

The difference between Sluice Valve and Gate Valves is that the Gate Valves are generally used for water or water like fluids, while a Sluice Valve is recommended for Slurries.

Type of Valves: Non-Rising Spindle and OS&Y Rising Spindle.
Operation: Manual, Gear Operated, Motorized, Pneumatic, Hydraulic

Valve Sizes: 50NB – 1800NB

Valve Rating – PN10/PN16/ 125# – 1500#