Butterfly Valve

Industrial / General Purpose Valve

Butterfly Valve is a flow control device that incorporates a rotational disk to control the flowing media in a process. The disk is always in the passageway, but because it is relatively thin, it offers little resistance to flow.

Early use of Butterfly Valves focused on water applications, but new designs and component materials have allowed them to be utilized in growing industrial fluid applications. Presently, butterfly valves can be found in almost every chemical plant handling a variety of diverse fluids.

The Butterfly Valves can be used for on-off service or modulating service. Actuation is typically achieved either manually (handle, wrench, gear operator) or through an external power source to cycle the valve automatically.

Operation: Manual Lever, Manual Gear, Motorized, Pneumatic & Hydraulic

Type and Sizes of Valves: 

  1. Wafer – 40NB – 1000NB, 
  2. Flanged – 50 NB – 2800NB,  

Valve Rating – PN10/PN16/ 125# – 300#