Alarm Valve

Fire Fighting Valves

VENUS Alarm valve generally confirms to UL-193 Standard and are designed to install in wet Pipe Automatic Sprinkler System.
The Alarm Valve is basically a double seated Lift / Swing type Check Valve with an annular groove between the Seat of Clapper. The groove is connected with the intermediate outlet port of the Valve, where an Alarm Gong is connected.
When the Sprinkler is operated, the pressure in the Sprinkler System side drops, as a result of this, the clapper lifts from the seat allowing flow of water to the Sprinklers, as well as to alarming devices being connected with intermediate outlet connection of Alarm Valve.


  1. Design Standard – Conforming to UL 193
  2. Rated Working Pressure – 12 Bar (173 PSI)
  3. Hydrostatic Test – 24 Bar (345 PSI)
  4. Threaded Opening – BSPT
  5. Pattern – Vertical
  6. End Connection – Flanged as per Customer Requirement