Y Type Strainer

Industrial Strainer

A Strainer is basically mechanical product which has a provision to remove hard particle of pipe line subject to selection of perforated punched hole sheet or wire mesh degree of filtration, pipe line process media can be in form of liquid or gas. Y Type strainer is a one types of filters – strainer which uses to remove a foreign particle of industrial process line.

As a design look of this Strainer is English Alphabet Y shape, so it is called a Y Type Strainer and the same also familiar by the name of Y Type Filter too. Selection of Strainer is based on Net Filtration Area. The higher is Net filtration, the Lower is pressure drop. General practice minimum 2.5 times filtration area is required to proper function of strainer and reduces cleaning time. For special viscous media filtration area will increase for satisfactory performance of strainer.

Bolted Cover Y Type Strainer has inside perforated sheet duly wire mesh lined & spot-welded cylindrical shape heavy duty element.

Advantages of use Y Strainer 

  1. Save and increase a life of Pump, Pressure Equipment, Mechanical Seals, Expensive Control Valves, Pressure Reducing Valve, Flow Meter and gives foreign particle less final product. 
  2. It can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal but in both case cover portion must be on down side to collect foreign particle and easy to clean at time of cover opening.

Bolted Cover design Y Strainer have provision of blow down plug at cover which allow to clean cylindrical screen element without removing from body and without disturbing a process.

Operation: Automatic.

Strainer Sizes: 50NB – 450NB

Strainer Rating – PN10/PN16/125# – 600#

Filter MOC – Stainless Steel

Construction – Cast / Fabricated