Non Return Valve

Industrial / General Purpose Valve

The Check Valve is an automatic shut-off valve. Under pressure and flow, the closure mechanism opens allowing the media to flow freely. When the flow and pressure stop, the closure mechanism returns automatically to the closed position, preventing the media from returning upstream. The most common installation is at the pump. A Check Valve may be installed on the suction side of the pump to maintain the pump’s prime in the event of a pump shutdown. A check valve will be used commonly upon the discharge of the pump to prevent backflow from the downstream system, when the pump shuts off.

Check Valves are used to prevent contaminated media in branches from flowing back into the main trunk line. The most common example is the use of backflow-prevention devices installed on any connection to a city water main. The backflow prevention device, a special form of check valve, prevents possibly contaminated water at a facility from flowing into the city water system when there is a sudden loss of water pressure in the main utility line.

There are several other applications for check valves, but the purpose is always the same. While, there are several designs of check valves, we manufacture Swing Check Valves, Lift Check Valves, Dual Plate Check Valves & Multi Door Check Valves.

Type and Sizes of Valves: 

  1. Swing Check Valve – 40NB – 1200NB (Up to 700NB in Cast Iron MOC), 
  2. Lift Check Valve – 40 NB – 200NB,
  3. Dual Plate Check Valve – 40NB – 2200NB,
  4. Multi Door Check Valve – 500NB – 1800NB
  5. Flap Valve – 25 NB – 250NB

Operation:  Automatic

Valve Rating – PN10/PN16/ 125# – 1500#