Conical Strainer

Industrial Strainer

Conical Strainers strainer are temporary Strainers used mostly before start-up of a Plant use perforated wire or mesh to trap suspended solids from a process stream. Conical strainers are usually installed horizontally in a piping system.

Conical strainer is commonly used in pipelines to prevent damage of Gauges, pumps, control valves, Flow meters and other process equipment.


  1. Fabricated Conical strainers from 2” to 24” (larger sizes are available)
  2. Designed in accordance with ASME Section VIII Div. 1.
  3. Standard design pressures include 150#.
  4. Conical strainer available in CS,CSRL,SS304,SS316,Duplex,Super Duplex.
  5. Conical strainer are available in both Basket type and Cone Type Temporary Strainers.