Duplex Strainer

Industrial Strainer

Duplex Type Basket Strainer is mostly used wherever continuous process cycle operation required and flow cannot be interrupted on cleaning of basket filter inside element.

Duplex Type Basket Strainer Filter have two filtration housing chambers, each rated for 100% capacity connected in parallel by means of 3 Way Ball Valve (02 Nos.), 2 Way Ball Valve (04 Nos.) or Butterfly Valve (04 Nos.) or Plug Valve (04 Nos.) or 3 Way Plug Valve (02 Nos.). 

Diversion of fluid flows without interruption of flow with manual change over valve or automatically (by the help of Pneumatic Actuator / Electrical Actuator Operated Valve) operated. Inside element of strainer body element shape is like a basket so it called Basket Type Filters & Strainers.

Overall Design features are similar as to Basket Type Strainer.

Operation: Automatic.

Strainer Sizes: 65NB – 800NB

Strainer Rating – PN10/PN16/125# – 600#

Filter MOC – Stainless Steel

Construction – Cast / Fabricated