Hydrant Valve

Fire Fighting Valves

Hydrant valves (also called Landing valves) provide the means to draw water for firefighting from the Fire water piping network. They are normally mounted onto stand posts, fitted on the fire water network.

The landing valves are sometimes also referred to as internal hydrants because these are usually fitted inside the buildings for wet hydrant system. These are primarily intended for being installed at the staircase landing at each floor level, from where fire-hose could be laid out by the fire brigade or trained men for fighting fire on the concerned floor. Because of this, the design of these valves has to be compact so as not to cause any obstruction to the passage where these may be installed. 

Landing valves may be installed in different ways and altitudes and for yielding varying output of water, requiring different shape and sizes. Two types which are mostly used have been covered in this standard. The landing valves when used for sea water should not be made of aluminium alloy.

Salient Features 
  1. Single Outlet and Double Outlet Design available 
  2. Design Standard IS 5290. 
  3. Screwed in Bonnet having instantaneous coupling with outlet. 
  4. PTFE Gland Packing for longer life and smooth operation of stem. 
  5. Large flow way area to get full flow of water. 
  6. Leakage proof by virtue of elastomer seat. 
  7. Smooth operation of blank cap for quick mounting of water pipe. 
  8. Lifelong rust-free service. 


Test Pressure (Hydrostatic): 
Shell: 21 kg/cm²g (300 psig)
Seat: 14 kg/cm²g (200 psig)

Sizes – 80 NB(Single Outlet) & 100(Double Outlet)
Valve Manufacturing Standard – IS 5290