Air Release Valve

Industrial / General Purpose Valve

These valves are primarily used to remove air from pipeline when they are initially charged with water or fluids. It also helps in removing any trapped air during the operations.

When pipelines are discharged with water or fluids, it releases air in the pipeline for quicker discharge of fluid to empty the line.

Triple Function Air Valve

  • Discharging a high flow of air during the filling of the pipe.
  • Automatic degassing of the air contained in the pipe under pressure.
  • Admission of a high air flow for the draining of the pipe.

Type of Valves: Single Ball/Double Ball/Kinetic.

Operation: Automatic.

Valve Sizes: 50NB – 300NB

Valve Rating – PN10/PN16/125# – 600#

Float MOC – Rubber Coated Wooden/Stainless Steel

Valve Manufacturing Standards – IS 14845 / AWWA C512