Basket Strainer

Industrial Strainer


A Strainer is basically mechanical product which has a provision to remove hard particle of pipe line subject to selection of perforated punched hole sheet or wire mesh degree of filtration, pipe line process media can be in form of liquid or gas. Basket Type strainer is a one types of filter – strainer which uses to remove a foreign particle of industrial process line.

Inside element of strainer body element shape is like a basket so it called Basket Type Filters & Strainers.

Basket type filter feature top removal of the screen. The screen is in the form of a basket, with a lifting handle, so that all particulate captured and retained by the screen which can be easily removed for disposal.

The particulate matter is captured in the strainer basket. The line is then temporarily shut down and the basket removed for cleaning or replacement.

Advanced dynamic flow path and large filtration area elements ensure low pressure drops and reduced maintenance periods.

These strainers reduce downtime for cleaning due to their construction of bolted cover and easy removal of screen. They are ideal for very fine straining.

Basket Type Strainer cover options are Bolted Cover, Davit Arm, Hinged Cover and Quick Open Type in Fabricated Body Basket Strainer.

Operation: Automatic.

Strainer Sizes: 65NB – 800NB

Strainer Rating – PN10/PN16/125# – 600#

Filter MOC – Stainless Steel

Construction – Cast / Fabricated