Air Cushion Valve

Industrial / General Purpose Valve

Discharges large quantities of air from the pipeline during pipe filling and admits large quantities of air during pipe drainage or at water column separation.

Air valves close when the pipe fills up with liquid, and do not reopen until pressure within the air valve (pipeline) drops below the atmospheric pressure.

Cushioning Feature:  Operate to break the vacuum where separation takes place and reduce the inertia of returning water column by using air intake

Special Features:

  1. Alternately called Quick Release Damped Air Valve 
  2. Maximum flow efficiency and surge protection. 
  3. Protects from water hammer damages,
  4. Protects from vacuum enhanced problems and damages

Operation: Automatic.

Valve Sizes: 50NB – 300NB

Valve Rating – PN 10 /PN 16 / PN 20 & PN 25

Float MOC – Wood (Rubber Coated)/S.S.

Valve Manufacturing Standards – AWWA M 51