Deluge Valve

Fire Fighting Valves

VENUS Deluge Valve confirming to UL-260 Standard, is a quick actuating Diaphragm operated control valve, configured in such a way that it ensures a 2:1 differential design across the Diaphragm and Clapper assembly.

It is unique design of actuation utilizes the fire main pressure as the holding force to keep the 

valve closed. When the water from the pressurised chamber is released, the valve rapidly 

opens and allows uninterrupted flow of water through the valve for the extinguishment of fire.

The Deluge Valve is compartmentalized into three isolated chambers, when it is set in closed condition. The chambers are TOP CHAMBER, INLET CHAMBER and OUTLET CHAMBER.

TOP CHAMBER normally contains pressurised water, fed from the up stream side water mains through a restricted Orifice and Check Valve. The water under pressure holds the clapper on the seat against upward hydraulic pressure due to differential design of Clapper & Disk.

INLET CHAMBER is connected with water supply main, upstream the valve.

OUTLET CHAMBER is connected with Dry pipe of Spray System, being normally isolated from the Supply main by Diaphragm and Clapper Assembly.


  1. Desgin Standard – Conforming to UL 260
  2. Rated Working Pressure – 12 Bar (173 PSI)
  3. Hydrostatic Test – 24 Bar (345 PSI)
  4. Threaded Opening – BSPT
  5. Pattern – Right Angle Flow Pattern – Bottom Inlet
  6. End Connection – Flanged as per Customer Requirement